Setting up Strider on your server!

Before setup, you should read this so you get the best out of the Strider setup process and of using the bot to its full potential.

  1. Make sure to setup the Muted Role and make it below the Strider role.

  2. Place Strider's role properly. Put it above roles you want to be monitored (preferably, at the top to avoid any problems)

Welcoming Message

When inviting Strider to your server the owner of the server will recieve a Message in PM which will include details about Strider in that certain server and also have some general commands in it..

Sort Strider's role

Adding Strider will also add a new role specifically made for him. If you do not find such a role, it's advised that you kick and re-add the bot without removing all permissions from it. This role is exclusive and essential for Strider's functioning. Place Strider's Role Above The Roles You Want It To Monitor.

Setting Up Swearing AutoMod

To setup the swearing system for Strider you first have to do $swear toggle true (by default its turned off) and to add a swear word to the database do $swear add (Word) and do $swear delete (Word) to delete a word from the database, if a swear word is detected in chat it will be deleted and a warning is sent to the user in chat. AutoMod

Setting Up Server Prefix

To setup per server prefix type $prefix ?in chat and it will change your prefix to ? you can change your Prefix to anything by using the same command and change ? to whatever it has a 5 character limit for the size.

Setting Up Logging

To setup logging in your server use $enable-logs <all/verification/server/emoji/role/member/mod> <#channel> The options in the <option/option> will specify whats logs go where so you could have your Verification Logs seprate from the rest etc, to disabled all Logs you can do $disable-logs all

Setting Up Verification

To setup Strider's Verification System you will first need to make a verification channel, i have made a channel called #verification now lets do $verification channel #verification now that the channel is setup lets setup the role the user will get after they have verified, lets make a role called Member and then do $verification role @Member now that we've setup the system lets do $verification enable to enable it. Now when a new user joins they will only be able to see the #verification channel then they will get a DM to verify there account and will be let into the server, the Pending Verification role is automatically setup once verification is enabled and will isolate new users to the #verification (Your Verification Channel) channel until verified.

Setting Up Leveling

Strider come already setup for Server Leveling when inviting to your server, to check your Level/Rank use $level and to see the server leaderboard use $leaderboard levels and the XP levels for chatting are random each time so you cant level up loads. For all commands see Levelling Commands.

Setting Up Music

The Music Commands is all ready and setup once you have invited Strider to your server, to get started use $join for it to join your current Voice Channel you are in. Then for it to start playing music use$play (song) then it will start playing to your current Voice Channel. For a full list of commands see Music Commands.

Making A Giveaway

Starting A Giveaway

To start a giveaway use the following command, $start <#channel> (time) (winners) (name) so for a giveaway in #giveaways and for 1 day and with 1 winners use$gstart #giveaways 1d 1 Nitro Giveaway this will start the giveaway. See Giveaways.

Giveaway Requirements

Coming Soon...

Custom Tags/Commands

Custom Tags

A custom tag can be created using $createtag (Tag) (Content) this will create the tag, the tag will be what needs to be said in chat to say the response. Example: $createtag info Server Info... This will make is so when someone says info it will respond Server Info...

Custom Commands

Coming Soon...