Verification System

Setting Up Verification

To setup Strider's Verification System you will first need to make a verification channel, i have made a channel called #verification now lets do $verification channel #verification now that the channel is setup lets setup the role the user will get after they have verified, lets make a role called Member and then do $verification role @Member now that we've setup the system lets do $verification enable to enable it. Now when a new user joins they will only be able to see the #verification channel then they will get a DM to verify there account and will be let into the server, the Pending Verification role is automatically setup once verification is enabled and will isolate new users to the #verification (Your Verification Channel) channel until verified.

Verification Commands




This will manually verify the user


Shows how to setup verification (Steps)‚Äč

$enable-logs verification <#Channel>

Verification Logs

Preview Of Verification Logs

Preview Of Logging System For Verification