Leveling Commands

Levelling System

Normal 15% XP Rate and 18% XP Rate Boost After Voting.




Show's Rank Card

$leaderboard levels

Shows Server Leaderbaord

$setrank (Username/ID) (New Level)

Change A Users Level. (Clears Old Level/Rank)

$setxp (Username) (New XP)

Set XP (Clears Old XP)

$addxp (Username) (New XP)

Add XP

$addlevels (Username) (New XP)

Add Ranks/Levels

Levelling Settings



$level-up-messages enable <#Channel>

Enables Leave Up Messages

$level-up-messages disable

Disables Leave Up Messages

For Level Rewards to work the Strider role needs to be above all the Role Rewards, we suggest putting Strider at the top.

Level Rewards


Level / Rank

$levelrewards 5 (Role ID)

Level 5

$levelrewards 10 (Role ID)

Level 10

$levelrewards 15 (Role ID)

Level 15

$levelrewards 20 (Role ID)

Level 20

$levelrewards 25 (Role ID)

Level 25

$levelrewards 30 (Role ID)

Level 30

$levelrewards 35 (Role ID)

Level 35

$levelrewards 40 (Role ID)

Level 40

$levelrewards 45 (Role ID)

Level 45

$levelrewards 50 (Role ID)

Level 50

$levelrewards 55 (Role ID)

Level 55

$levelrewards 60 (Role ID)

Level 60

$levelrewards 65 (Role ID)

Level 65

$levelrewards 70 (Role ID)

Level 70

$levelrewards 75 (Role ID)

Level 75